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from Founder Sales to Structured Selling

Every entrepreneur knows the realities of founder sales; constantly searching for early adopters to evangelize and convert at whatever price the market will bear.

It’s critical that while on the mission, that you not only close the key customers who can signal the broader market, but that in doing so you structure your sales model to drive the success of the layers beneath you.

from Single Pipeline to Segmented Markets

When things are going good, that's the time to make the move to reinvigorate and reinvent the dynamics of your relationship with the market.

By segmenting your sales approach you can design more intimate and strategically forward-looking conversations that can drive and ultimately control market-wide expectations of value and necessity.

from Flat Growth to Market Leadership

Every business's growth flattens at some point; what differentiates the winners are those who realize that simply touting features and benefits and trolling for active buyers is a slow from of solution-selling suicide.

Unless you're leading your target market's understanding of the future, how it translates to success, and the order of priorities to reach it—someone else will; to their favor.


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Who is Shorter Cycles?

Shorter Cycles is an innovative targeted business development and sales cycle engineering firm that systematically improves the efficiency and scale of your sales model by helping you close the next 5 key customer prospects that will make your year. 

By working top-down and inside-out from insights we can gather as an independent entity, we work with you to optimize your value proposition and tailor your sales cycle to each key prospect—and in doing so not only close the customers that can make your year, but improve the overall effectiveness of your cycle to more efficiently line up the next 50.

For More Information:

Shorter Cycles, LLC
2870 Peachtree Road, NW.
Suite 301
Atlanta, GA 30305

Phone: 404.846.4288


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