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Deliver Value to Your Executive Network...

At Shorter Cycles, our model is predicated on back-door access to the key, executive-level, decision-makers that our customers need market feedback and validation from. 

Our objective, however, is not to just convince you to open your Rolodex of contacts so we can book cold, non-strategic, sales appointments.  Doing so is not only a waste of everyone's time, but it also negatively impacts the value of your relationship with your executive contacts.

Instead our objective is to deliver value to your contacts...

By representing a cross section of emerging technologies, forward-looking solutions and operationally impacting services we represent a condensed understanding of the broader supply side of the market. Armed with this knowledge and an in-person understanding of strategic goals and objectives, we're able to help articulate a strategic vision and define what an optimal solution should look like based on the specifics of their environment, time-frame and situation—all in a neutral, no-pressure, non-sales setting.

Our clients benefit from this inside intelligence and gain the key insights they need to effectively align and optimize their value positioning and to tailor their solutions to deliver as best a strategic fit as possible.

Our approach is a significant departure from traditional solution selling, as it is intermediated, the benefits are bidirectional and it is predicated on the delivery of true personal and professional value before our clients even have the opportunity to ask for it in return.

In helping our client companies access the market in this manner, its our objective that:

  1. Your executive decision-makers benefit from a more efficient, aligned, and valuable way to interact with and ultimately drive the supply side of the market towards a shared vision that not only delivers highly tailored solutions tuned to their specific goals and objectives but also facilitates significant personal and professional benefit
  2. Our clients factor in learned intelligence to optimize their value propositions, to streamline their sales cycles and to ultimately transform their sales and marketing programs from hunting for customers to one of manufacturing them
  3. The value of your relationship with your executive contacts increases as they participate in lavish, relaxed, no-pressure lunch dates and benefit from a more streamlined and aligned way to find optimal solutions to their short-term and long-term goals and objectives
  4. You are share in the healthy commissions we receive from our clients

Contact us to learn more about our Global Connector Network and our unique approach to providing win-win solutions for companies and providers alike.


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Who are the top 5 customers that can make your year?

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Who is Shorter Cycles?

Shorter Cycles is an innovative targeted business development and sales cycle engineering firm that systematically improves the efficiency and scale of your sales model by helping you close the next 5 key customer prospects that will make your year. 

By working top-down and inside-out from insights we can gather as an independent entity, we work with you to optimize your value proposition and tailor your sales cycle to each key prospect—and in doing so not only close the customers that can make your year, but improve the overall effectiveness of your cycle to more efficiently line up the next 50.

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