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 Selling to Segmented Markets

Tailoring your relationship to the market...

One sized sales approaches only work for so long; especially in more competitively saturated markets.

They elongate the sales cycle and require a higher level of selling skill in order to close. The less specifically aligned your sales message and value proposition is to the prospect and the particulars of their business, the more it must be overcome in the actual engagement—all of which not only lowers the odds of closing, but increasingly more often lowers the odds you'll even make it through the front door.

With competition emerging on all fronts and across every facet of a typical business's operation, executive decision-makers are under constant siege from vendors who almost universally approach them touting their latest features and benefits in the hope that something sticks so they can justify their solution to solve it.

While this form of shotgun selling and trolling for active buyers once had its day, its long gone as an effective strategy that can consistently produce results—the reason typically being a lack of any real customer and/or market-specific intimacy that would indicate to a senior executive that its worth the time to perk up and pay attention.

Executive buyers need partners, not vendors...

They need a focused, forward-looking relationship that can deliver game-changing solutions that are easily actionable and specifically aligned to their current issues and which can deliver on the strategic goals and objectives they are focused on quarter-to-quarter, year-to-year. To get there, you have to speak their language, drive understanding and expectations, and deliver value at every turn—all of which needs to be engineered into your sales cycle and periodically updated to keep it pertinent and fresh.

The challenge is doing so in a consistent, repeatable, and measurable way with an engineering-like precision that can further optimize your value positioning on each successive pass.

With years of experience in developing multi-segment marketing platforms and segment-optimizing sales models we developed a framework for rapidly segmenting markets according to the psychographics needs that dictate, drive and maximize buying alignment on a personal and professional basis—the foundation for building overall deal momentum and compelling action through each step of your sales cycle.

What traditionally takes weeks, can be completed in a single day; allowing us to run the process for each of the top 5 strategic customer prospects we are working with you to close. The result is a prospect-optimized value proposition and business case that is ideally aligned to current realities of each target organization.

Contact us to learn more about our process for engineering target specific buying alignment to optimize your value proposition to your top 5 strategic customer prospects that can make your year.


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Who are the top 5 customers that can make your year?

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Who is Shorter Cycles?

Shorter Cycles is an innovative targeted business development and sales cycle engineering firm that systematically improves the efficiency and scale of your sales model by helping you close the next 5 key customer prospects that will make your year. 

By working top-down and inside-out from insights we can gather as an independent entity, we work with you to optimize your value proposition and tailor your sales cycle to each key prospect—and in doing so not only close the customers that can make your year, but improve the overall effectiveness of your cycle to more efficiently line up the next 50.

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