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Who are the Top 5 Customers Who Would Make Your Year?

Step 1: Back-dooring access to the “right” decision-makers at strategic customer prospects…

Navigating to the right decision maker is always the challenge in approaching strategic customer prospects.

The layers of corporate hierarchy are designed to keep you out, to frustrate your sales effort and to burden investment decisions with internal consensus from multiple departments, decision-makers and stakeholders.

The only effective way to avoid slogging it out up through the typical corporate maze is to work from the top down; to position your value strategically and formulate a shared vision that can be championed from above to diminish any personal agendas that may be in conflict.

The problem is twofold; not only gaining access to targeted decision-makers, but convincing them that it's time worthy of spending versus your approach being seen as yet another angle for a sales call. Context is everything, as is timing; and even through LinkedIn and other business-to-business connector sites, you're still coming in cold, according to your time-frame, and armed only with your perception of the value you and your offerings represent. It's no wonder executives typically avoid any outside contact other than personal referrals and recommendations like the plague.

Shorter Cycles was founded to offer an alternative approach...

We've built and continue to grow a network of executive-level connectors who have c-level access points to the decision-makers who can be invaluable to your understanding of your market, who can detail the true value of your offerings and who with a signature on a contract can make your year.

We build these relationships on the premise that we don't simply pass through cold sales pitches but rather act as brokers of strategic value. We initiate initial contact with targeted decision-makers to understand current corporate goals and objectives and to investigate the strategic benefit of the technologies and solutions our clients represent—all in a no-pressure, non-sales environment that is designed to identify a strategic vision based on your solution that they can personally and professionally benefit from.

From this foot hold, we optimize your value proposition to the inside intelligence we're able to discover so that at first meeting we've done all we can to rig the game in terms of need, timing and strategic fit in your favor—maximizing your odds of closing and minimizing the effort to get there.

We repeat this process for your top 5 strategic customer prospects, providing a true opportunity to catapult your growth and achieve the breakthrough growth results you're aiming for.

Contact us to learn more about Shorter Cycles and our unique approach to facilitating strategic, intel-rich, back-door access to the key customer prospects that can make your year.


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Who are the top 5 customers that can make your year?

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Who is Shorter Cycles?

Shorter Cycles is an innovative targeted business development and sales cycle engineering firm that systematically improves the efficiency and scale of your sales model by helping you close the next 5 key customer prospects that will make your year. 

By working top-down and inside-out from insights we can gather as an independent entity, we work with you to optimize your value proposition and tailor your sales cycle to each key prospect—and in doing so not only close the customers that can make your year, but improve the overall effectiveness of your cycle to more efficiently line up the next 50.

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