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What's the Optimal Value Proposition?

Step 2: Engineering target-specific buying alignment...

Accessing the right decision makers is only the first step in the sales equation.

Delivering a forward-looking value proposition that is highly aligned to cross-department, organization-wide strategic goals and objectives that can rally support, build consensus and accelerate deal momentum is where the true battle lies in getting the close.

Each strategic prospect is not only different in what they need and why they need it, but also the business case they'll need to justify the investment in your offering—and its up to you to align to these buying triggers as acutely and individually as possible.

Companies relying one-sized-sell-all canned sales models not only don't get the benefit of testing new positions to build deeper buying alignment, they often encounter deal resistance and outright challenges in the cycle, requiring them to have to rebuild up to the right position on the fly and from the bottom-up—all of which elongates the cycle and lowers overall close rates.

Shorter Cycles eliminates bottom-up friction from mucking up your deals...

With your top 5 strategic customer prospects identified and access to the right decision makers underway, we're able to gather the critical inside strategic intelligence needed to optimize your value proposition to the day-to-day realities and the future directions of each target—and doing so in a way that clearly articulates to buyers at all levels both the professional and personal value to be gained from your solution.

The objective is to rig the game before it even begins.

To get there we take an in-depth look at your current value proposition, those of your competitors and the trends in the marketplace as a whole. Driven by inside intelligence, we work with you to define a target-specific ideal destination your value proposition will drive them to, to detail the operational impacts of achieving it, what the optimal approach to proceeding is and how it accommodates both short-term and long-term objectives in the context of current on-the-ground realities.

The goal is to engineer a can't say no proposition that is ideally aligned to each target backed by the numbers to justify the investment as a means to create urgency within the decision-making hierarchy, to anticipate and compartmentalize any deal friction and to compel as fast a closing as possible.

Contact us to learn more about our approach to engineering target-specific buying alignment in each of your target strategic customer prospects and how in doing so you are able to optimize your sales efficiency and close rates.


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Who are the top 5 customers that can make your year?

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Who is Shorter Cycles?

Shorter Cycles is an innovative targeted business development and sales cycle engineering firm that systematically improves the efficiency and scale of your sales model by helping you close the next 5 key customer prospects that will make your year. 

By working top-down and inside-out from insights we can gather as an independent entity, we work with you to optimize your value proposition and tailor your sales cycle to each key prospect—and in doing so not only close the customers that can make your year, but improve the overall effectiveness of your cycle to more efficiently line up the next 50.

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